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2012 Rounds 11 & 12 Race Report - Croft

posted 7 Oct 2012, 12:47 by Kieren McDonald
What a last weekend to the season that was...!

Fair play to Dave Robinson and others that do this kind of journey for EVERY meet!! just for this one event was hard enough...the mighty long journey up to Croft....typically wet, windy did the weather fair this time...??

I had already blogged on the work that was done to #88 before travelling "up north"...front subframe will need to be changed pre-2013 as it's a bit worse for wear/wonky so the setup isn't as spot on as Track, Road and Race would like....

Saturday remained dry...but, that wind...a few gazebo's almost parachuted off!! I was left pretty frustrated after my quali session, although did manage P11 for both grid line-ups.  Generally I felt I was over-doing it and not getting to grips with the braking zones as I would have liked.

Dry weather continued into the 15:05 round 11 mini se7en race, although that head wind would work nice for slip streaming.  I was a bit slow off the starting grid but maintained my position. I dropped a position when I left the door open to Wightman heading into Sunny In when I tried to take a wide line behind Davies.  Attempts to pass Wightman led to me losing momentum, allowing Smith to close in and pass me going into Tower.  My 1st experience of a safety car led formation lasted a couple of laps due to Burge's unfortunate mechanical incident.  We were back to racing and soon after Wightman ran wide out of Hawthorn (not sure if this is when his puncture started) so I gained a place to settle for P9.  Generally I felt frustrated after the race similar to after my quali session, as I don't think I worked on where I was going wrong in quali.

Dave from Track, Road and Race checked the car over, all looking good so we shut up shop and spent the evening warming up in the nearby pub...and what a great pub it is - great food, decent price...and not windy!! :-)

Race 2 was on Sunday at 1pm - bit of a weather difference though - wet, wet, wet!  I had a better start this time, making sure I didn't spin up in the slippery conditions.  Knight must have had a slow start as a few others made it past him off the grid; I decided not to make a last lunge into Clervaux, not knowing what the surface would be like!  I decided to try a tight line through Hawthorn, passing on the inside of Coulson, Knight and then Kane Astin before Chicane.  Exiting Chicane I was behind Kane's brother, Damon...everyone in front suddenly swerved...oblivious to me, Hunt had spun on the exit of Chicane!! I came off the power slightly but soon got back onto it, seeing Hunt had it under extra momentum allowed me to pass Davies, leading me onto the back of Damon Astin.  Astin was on the brakes early heading into Tower so I took to the inside, also passing Thomas and then almost Burge but settled back behind....this couldn't be happening...P4?!?! Everyone on the pit wall must have been wondering what had happened seeing me challenging for P3, seeing as I had started P11!!  For the 1st time I took a podium position (for now!), P3, after taking Burge down the inside before Clervaux!  Crazy...and yet I was focussed on pushing on to catch the leaders - Deviny and Spark.  I lost a position to Davies and an issue with a sticking throttle was getting progressively worse as the race continued - Astin and Coulson were catching!! I was finding it more and more difficult to slow the car down and get around the circuit - the throttle would be wide open, not letting me slow and then launching me all over the place cornering!! All I could think was to maintain the position and get to the finish...and I did, just - Astin set the quickest lap of the race so I was relieved!

Best finish ever and what a way to finish off the weekend - just to think I was even considering taking a miss with Croft, as I had written off the season to focus on 2013! Certainly glad we went and finished off the season in style :-) Last couple of race events got me my best positions with a P6 in Thruxton and P3 in Croft.

Excellent work as always by Selby Engineering and Track, Road and Race!

Results/timings can be found on the Mini7 website by clicking the links below:

Provisional results show I finished 12th in the overall 2012 championship - pretty happy considering I had only finished 6 of the 12 rounds, plus the car was a right handful for 2 of those earlier in the year! Gained some great experience in the last events when the car was running and set up right. So many positives and cannot wait for 2013 championship to begin!

2012 Championship Results:

Massive well done to all championship winners - Peter Baldwin (Miglia), Paul Spark (se7en), Ross Billison (se7en novice) and Julian Proctor (se7en s class).

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