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Brands Hatch Hoorah

posted 28 May 2014, 15:14 by Kieren McDonald
Rounds 3 & 4 at Brands Hatch Mini Festival were almost 3 weeks ago but nevertheless I'll get typing and give a quick preview for this weekend's event at Cadwell Park.

The weather was a bit of a mixed bag at Brands Hatch and I have to admit, the wind is not my favourite, especially when there are gazebo's in question! We didn't sail off into the distance so that's good but we did come away with some good learning outcomes, best quali position and good points in the bag.

Saturday quali was miserably wet, much to some's dismay, but to my joy - any weather, I really don't mind although I must admit I didn't quite connect that day. Saying that I can't have done too badly, as I qualified 3rd for both races - fantastic and the best quali positions yet. On the downside, the wet, mixed with a nice helping of oil led to a mishap at Paddock Hill! The result being a nice spin and backwards travel into the gravel pit; fortunately I could drive back out, unfortunately I had a lot of cleaning and gravel clearing to do when back in the paddock! Big thanks to the marshals who helped get me out (and of course the usual great job over the whole weekend).

Race 1 was a different story - the rain taps had been switched off so back on with the dry tyres. I had a rather dismal start, losing a few positions. I had a good few battles, although wasn't greatly impressed with my performance despite finishing 5th.

Race 2 on the other hand left me feeling great. A better start but then lack of exit speed and sloppy gear changes allowed a few guys chasing to creep past. I settled into a groove and stated fighting back, having some great battles with Davis, Wightman and Hunt.  With a few laps remaining I dropped right off the pace - I clearly had problems as my speed was just not there, followed by some dodgy brakes at the end. I was quite relieved to come away with another 5th position. It turned out I had a seized caliper piston and an oil leak; fortunately nothing major. A few spectators reported of my disc "glowing red" as I was going down the pit straight - no wonder I was lacking speed!!

Mini Spares have once again provided an excellent service and supplied all the necessary parts to get the car back in tip top condition. Along with help from Ricky, the car is now ready to visit Cadwell Park for it's 1st ever time (in my hands that is!). I've never even been to spectate so after hearing amazing reviews, I cannot wait! We're currently sat 2nd in the Mini7 Championship so hopefully we'll come away with some great results.

As always, a big thank you to everyone that helps, whether it be hands on or not - you know who you all are!  Look forward to seeing everyone at Cadwell Park - 31st May and 01st June.

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