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Collecting the Car!!!

posted 10 Mar 2011, 03:12 by Kieren McDonald
If you had already read my Background page, you will already know that I had agreed to buy Dick Hunter's Mini Se7en race car after chatting at Brands Hatch last year.

Dick was kind enough to prep the car, ready for testing to ease the already-mountain-high learning curve!  There was a fair amount of work to do with the engine Dick was supplying (not the same one as he raced with in past seasons) and of course fit around day to day work duties; it was just a case of trying to remain patient for "the" call whilst trying to keep nerves at bay for the ever-looming 1st race at Silverstone...

Well the call finally came from Dick Hunter to say the car was ready to collect....I tried to contain my excitement and headed off to Hunter's Garage with trailer in tow and Dave Cobley to lend a hand!

Fantastic just to see the car and to sit in it for the 1st time - according to the scales I must eat a few more pies to meet the minimum weight regs!!.  Dick gave a run through on how to start it, what to keep an eye on and how to maintain, etc - lot of great useful information but to be honest a bit of overload for me at this stage - hopefully make more sense to the other guys :-) I'm sure I'll pick it up all soon enough...let's face it, I'll have no choice!!  Dick is a great source of information and has said they will be on hand to provide any help possible - a bit of a god-send so many thanks to the "Hunters"!!

Next up was to secure the car on my trailer and of course, the pics!!  Check out the rest of the pics here.

The deal being done with Max, as Dick was a bit camera-shy :-)