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Less than 4 weeks to go

posted 21 Mar 2013, 15:43 by Kieren McDonald
Would you believe it - it doesn't feel like long ago since we were at Croft, where I managed a marvellous 4th place. So much has happened since then with Christmas, family gatherings, too much work and purchasing a motorhome ready for this season (thanks Gordon!)...but the one thing that has amazed me the most, has been the rapid growth of my little boy who turned one in February! He was only 4 weeks old when he attended his 1st Mini7 race and now he'll be terrorising the paddock on his own two feet - scary!!

Now back to the car - Mini Se7en #88 - as quite typical of club racing when the season ends, everything goes quiet, racers get bored, nothing much happens....then all of a sudden, a storm erupts as realisation kicks in that the season is due to commence in a few months. Well that didn't happen, rather we got started only a couple of months ago, if that! Nothing like leaving it to the last minute :-)

It was decided due to a couple of fundamental items, that it may as well be stripped down, presenting the ideal opportunity to do some shell repairs and generally give it a new lease of life and with that, a fresh look.

Dave Yardy at Track, Road and Race stripped the car to a bare shell and I whizzed it over to Rob at Classic and Custom Works. Rob certainly had his work cut out as the shell needed a fair few things addressing and certainly hasn't been helped by fact it was covered in oil! I opted to go for a new carbon fibre front end, bonnet and boot floor which required cutting and fitting. A few other bits and pieces are being replaced such as the windows to generally smarten the car up so that it is more desirable for potential sponsors.

The shell is in progress with receiving a new paint job and the hope is to collect it in the next few days to begin the rebuild process with Dave Yardy.  Once the main rebuild has been done, it will be back with Rob to finalise the front end, fit windows, any last bits of spraying, make up a switch panel and some mirror brackets.  The hope is that we have time to, not only finish the rebuild, but also to give it a shakedown a few days before the 1st round at Donny!

Rob really has been doing an amazing job - I'll try to share all the rebuild pictures once it is a finished article! Anyone that needs body repairs, spraying or anything custom made, give Rob a call on 01494 716 416 - very competitive pricing and a good guy to deal with. They do plenty of magazine work, which shows their work is of a top standard.

I'll give another update during the rebuild when back with Dave.

I've also been sending out quite a lot of letters regarding sponsorship recently with the help of my lovely wife. If any form of sponsorship is of interest to you or you know of someone, please do get in touch via my Twitter account or Facebook page.  The decision so far has been to do the full season apart from Zolder, although a new sponsor could change this!

Mini7 Club
In other news, I have been assisting the Mini7 club seek out voluntary helpers to help work on some exciting new features and help get the club into the 21st Century in terms of social media. We since selected Jamie Snelling and Matthew Barrington to put to use their experience in this area combined with their love of minis and motorsport. The majority of Mini7 news and features will be coming from these guys throughout the season and beyond so please welcome them and follow them on Twitter:

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