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Mini Festival Rounds 6&7 coming soon

posted 17 Jun 2013, 14:24 by Kieren McDonald
I've been pretty hectic with work so unfortunately the blog updates have suffered as a result...excuses, I'm back and tapping away at the keyboard once again.

Since my last blog, we've covered roughly 36 miles of A-series screaming, close, sideways race action over 2 separate circuits - Rockingham and Silverstone.  Some ups and downs but it has been fun! The 1st venue being a new one for me.  Well actually the 2nd venue kind of was too, as my only other time at Silverstone was my 1st ever race entry in 2011 and resulted in my engine going pop; I was hoping for more success this time around!

Rockingham Race 1

Rockingham preparation was pretty straight forward following 1st outing at Donington, which is always a bonus! Qualifying and testing was rolled into one with it being a fresh circuit for me to learn. I found it quite an interesting circuit, pretty tough in fact but highly rewarding when/if I strung a sector together well.  I only qualified q13 and q11 and went on to finish p11 and p12 in each of the races. For the 1st race, we decided to go for dry tyres on a drying circuit - amazingly, I got off to to a flying start but locked up into the hairpin to put me right to the back. I climbed back up through the pack (even after making similar mistake at hairpin again) and showed some decent pace.  For the 2nd race, I did over drive it and was left with little grip as a result, dropping me right back.  Some good battles though but a rather frustrating weekend.

Silverstone Race 1

Silverstone preparation was made a little more "exciting" last minute when Dave Yardy's expert eye caught a few issues. Just as well because a lot more expense would have been the result! Dave Yardy and Rob Selby did a tremendous job sorting things out to set us up for our local event. Qualifying at the National circuit of Silverstone provided me with a q11 for both races - not quite as high as intended but I could see where needed some attention. Both races, I ended up in extremely close action with likes of Smith, Wightman, Baker but only managed p10 in both races.  Race 2 was more disappointing when I had to take to the grass on lap 1 to avoid contact, as that put me back a fair bit but was soon back in the action. Although positioning was not as high as I'd have liked, so many positives with the car finishing and I'm also starting to get a better feel for things behind the wheel following all the changes; all about the track time so I will remain patient! Generally, Silverstone was a much better weekend with some great clean action - more relaxed and was great keeping the grandstand supporters on their toes with our classic Mini7 battling.

Nothing has fell of or gone wrong this season so far, which is a testament to the great work of Dave Yardy at Track, Road & Race - the car was pretty much a new build prior to the start of the season and (*touch wood*) we have seen the chequered flag at every event so far! Not only that, but he does a great set up. Get in touch with Dave and see if he could help you, whether it be for your race or road car - you won't look back.

Next up, Brands Hatch Mini Festival June 22nd & 23rd for rounds 6&7 of the Dunlop Mini Se7en Challenge supported by Mini Sport. It is set to be a cracker, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Cooper S, with the following to look forward to:
  • Mini Se7ens and Mini Miglias (the highlight of course!)
  • MINI Challenge (new mini's)
  • Pre-66 Anglo French Battle
  • Mighty Minis and Super Mighty Minis
  • Mini Festival Champion (old and new mini's)
  • All Comers (expect some crazy space-framed minis)
  • Iconic Cooper S mini display
  • Russ Swift mini stunt show (watch out for 2 wheeled action)
  • Show & shine competition
  • Rally demos
  • Trade village
  • Live music
  • Red Devils parachute display
It is set to be a big one - hopefully see you all there!

Big thanks to everyone that continues to show support/sponsor and all those that put in some much effort to get me out on circuit:

Thanks also to and my lovely wife for some fantastic photographs.

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