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Pics on Picassa

posted 7 Feb 2011, 05:54 by Kieren McDonald
I will be using Picassa to show pics throughout the season so thought I'd kick start it with some testing that I've just completed...well, ok maybe not testing in the Mini...but on GT5 instead lol

I had already bought a helmet and race kit, or so I had thought!  I had bought a load of Alpinestars kit when karting but realised afterwards it is not suitable for track use due to not being fireproof - so beware what you buy!!  So I'm selling the karting gear and have taken delivery of my new kit.  FYI, my helmet is SNELL SA2005 approved and FIA approved for use with HANS device.  My underwear, boots, gloves and suit are all FIA 8856-2000, although I believe only your suit has to meet this standard to meet the regs.  I didn't really want to scrimp on safety so opted to get all of the correct stuff!  I also have a HANS device, which in my opinion is a no-brainer although many opt not to - I rather value my neck!! Check out my Costs spreadsheet under Getting Started to see what I bought and where I found it cheapest - prices do vary hugely so I'd suggest shopping around...I tend to use Google Shopping to compare prices but take into account the delivery cost too.  As I've mentioned on my Costs page, see if the supplier is listed on a cashback website to save even more money!

Lorraine walked in through the door after a hard day's work to be met by me "testing"...I actually got my best lap time of Nurburgring when kitted up!!! :-)

I'm really happy with all the kit - very good fit with the OMP suit and gloves and Alpinestars boots.  I've never driven (apart from the PS3 lol) with the HANS device so that will be interesting to see how easy it will be to get used to.  The iridium visor works really well but careful, as they do scratch easily! Not sure yet whether it will be ok to drive with a visor, as I'm thinking it may steam up easily....I guess I'll find out when I am able to test for "real".

Check out a few more pics here.

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