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Rounds 6 & 7 Donington Details

posted 6 Jul 2011, 14:31 by Kieren McDonald   [ updated 6 Jul 2011, 15:11 ]

Wow, it seems such a long time since I was last on track! and of course, ages since I have updated the website - sorry!! have been ever so busy...but no excuse!!

Of course the large gap in the calendar has been due to not competing at Spa last month - I haven't completed enough races quite yet to upgrade my license, which is needed to race at Spa...shame, as it sounds like there was some great racing with the Se7en's and Miglias.  Well done to everyone who competed and bad luck for those that came away with battle scars (on the Mini that is)!!

During this time, plenty of work has been put into getting the reliability sorted with my Mini.  If you've been following, you will see we've had some pretty awful luck with an engine failure and then gearbox failure - it seems the gearbox was a knock-on effect of the 1st failure and there has been some remaining clean up since, due to the amount of rubbish that was kicked out!  For example, the oil pressure was running low on the last race and of course a new pinion was needed, after Max Hunter kindly lent me his spare.

We've been so busy that the aim at the moment is to complete the bare minimum in time for Donny - this includes at least a new oil pump, full clean out of the gearbox and putting it all back into the car.  Other items on the list but probably no time are ducting for oil cooler, adjusting throttle pedal to allow for heel-and-toe, wiring in a new gear shift light, corner weights, geometry and suspension setup.  Our main aim is to increase the reliability so the other things will just be a bonus but certainly not enough time to complete all the jobs. It's a shame we have to work in our normal jobs for a living :-) I am just ever so grateful with Rob Selby's help and the huge amount of time Simon puts in - Lewis and Jenson always thank the team...and yes, it certainly is a team effort!

Some say, the World Touring Cars are supporting us...or is it the other way around :-D ...anyway, there are some great championships racing over the weekend - if you haven't watched the Mini's yet, the next one will be a great introduction!

The full timetable can be found here.  Combined qualifying will be held on Saturday 16th July at 12:25.  The 1st round will be on the same day at 16:30 for the Mini Se7en's and 17:35 for the Mini Miglias.  The 2nd round will be on Sunday 17th July at 17:25 for the Mini Se7en's and 18:40 for the Mini Miglias.  Quite late in the day for both races but I'm sure there will be a few surprised faces with the great close non-stop action we will put on!

Tickets can be bought here and circuit/camping details can be found here.

The aim is to complete qualifying and both races this time and do justice for all the effort Simon and Rob 
have put into getting the engine/gearbox sorted.  After completing my 1st race last time out at 
Snetterton, finishing 12th out of 25, we are aiming for the top 10 as the pace was clearly shown.

We'll be heading up to Donny Friday night and 
"trailer-tenting it" for the whole as usual, BBQ and beers - come and join us, bring a tent and something to drink - it's a great atmosphere in the Mini Se7en paddock!

Please come and support BigMacRacing and come over for a chat :-)

Look out for yellow car, number 88!!!