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Rounds 8 & 9 Thruxton Details

posted 2 Aug 2011, 14:27 by Kieren McDonald   [ updated 3 Aug 2011, 14:03 ]
The full timetable can be found here. Information can be found on the BARC website and also the CSMA Club website.  The Mini Se7ens are up for qualifying at 11:20 on Saturday 13th, followed by the 1st race at 15:55 on the same day and the 2nd race on the Sunday at 14:20.  The Miglias will be qualifying at 13:40 on the Saturday with 2 races on Sunday at 10:45 and 15:30.

Thruxton will be a great event - not just for the racing, but it is Simon's 30th birthday on Saturday 13th August so don't forget to stop by and shout "Happy Birthday" to him ;-)

We will be racing alongside a number of championships with Trucks, being the main event this time.  If you haven't watched Truck racing before, I recommend you come and watch - what a sight..the noise...and the drifting!! My 1st Mini Se7en race meet (as a spectator) was at Brands end of last season when the Trucks were on - couldn't believe my eyes!! Maybe not so good for us racing though, as I've been told they kick up a load of dirt and lay their diesel everywhere - should be entertaining for those spectating though :-)

Information on the circuit as well as links to directions, camping, etc can be found here.  Essential camping details (extract from BARC website) specific to our race meeting can be seen below:

For all other 2011 Race Meetings use of the camp site will be free of charge. The campsite will open at 1600 hours on the Friday preceding the race meeting, and close at 1600 hours on the Monday after the race meeting. Access will be provided to fresh water and permanent toilets. Shower facilities will be provided in the paddock area located in the centre of the circuit.
PLEASE NOTE : Animals are NOT admitted to the circuit, paddocks, car parks or camp site (Except Guide / Helper dogs for blind or disabled visitors).

We've got a fair amount of work this weekend ahead of Thruxton - amongst other things, hopefully a new wheel bearing will sort out the remainder of a braking issue I experienced last time out at Donny!

We shall be travelling up to Thruxton on Friday evening - plenty of partying this weekend for Simon's birthday so come over for a few bevvies!!

Hopefully a great weekend for BigMacRacing in yellow car, number 88 :-)