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Testing my patience - not the car!

posted 15 Mar 2011, 16:05 by Kieren McDonald

Great efforts were made by the bodyshop and also Dick Hunter to get the car ready in time, although nothing could have prepared us for this disaster!!

Dave and I managed to collect the Mini in it's lovely new colours (blog soon to come!), got it all strapped down, loaded the car with all my tools, etc and then onwards late Sunday evening for Norfolk.

We were so excited about the following day - seemed like it was only yesterday chatting to Dick Hunter about the car...the time had come to take it for a spin! Snetterton 300 was the destination, although only got as far as the M11 services by Stansted Airport!!! Absolutely gutted!

30k miles ago the Golf suffered engine damage due to the common camshaft wear issue that the VW 150 PD engines are known for - the garage bill at that time was £1400 - lovely, especially as I had only just bought the car for Lorraine as a surprise gift!  The same symptoms showed up on our drive up to Norfolk and forced us to give up and surrender to the idea of having a wasted journey and being recovered all the way back home in the early hours of the morning!  Luckily Dave had an RAC policy, covering him for any car so extremely grateful for his help!

Unfortunately the hotel and trackday cost, plus of course, the fuel and time/effort was non-refundable so very dis-heartening.  Now I cannot have a full day testing of the car so have to be reliant on the afternoon Silverstone GP session that I am booked on - not the position I wanted to be in!!  Just cannot believe my luck!

Now we await the verdict from the garage to see if it is definitely the same issue as before - if it is, I think it is outrageous we will have to pay for this to be repaired AGAIN, as it is clearly a common issue and due to a design fault! If they say this happened due to incorrect oil being used for servicing, then they should surely be liable...BUT, how can you prove it?!?!  If we have no grounds and have to pay a large bill like last time, then I will certainly be considering a 130 PD engine replacement to avoid this happening again!

Thankfully Simon has a tow bar and has kindly offered to tow for Silverstone if the Golf is not available.

Hopefully this is not how the season will progress and my luck will be restored!! FINGERS CROSSED! :-)