Getting Started

I wanted to share my experiences, my journey to competing in my 1st competitive motorsport event.

It is not easy to get into motorsport and many will stumble over the numerous hurdles blocking the way to stardom, podiums, champagne, pit lane girls....ok maybe not all that, but some people just cannot find a path to do what they have a passion for.

The links under Getting Started will hopefully help others get into motorsport or at least provide options to consider.

I will not only provide an account of my experiences faced when aiming for a drive, but also provide a checklist of everything I had to buy and roughly how much each thing has cost.

The race license can be a daunting thought for many so I will provide more information on my experiences.

Hope it helps & good luck fulfilling your passion :-)
Feel free to contact me if you need any further information via the Contact Us page.