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Race License

I wanted to include a brief write-up on what you need to do, including some links and advice from my experience.

  1. Apply for MSA "Go Racing" Pack from MSA website
  2. Get medical from GP
  3. Book ARDS (Association of Racing Drivers Schools) test at a local circuit
  4. Post completed application form recorded delivery
Go Racing Pack
This pack includes the yearbook (blue book), DVD and a novice application form.
The blue book is an essential book that will become your bible throughout the season (or so I am told!) - it includes all info on the regs - have a read but don't worry, you won't need to try learning this word for word! Make sure you watch the DVD and pay special attention to the section on flags - learn these off by heart and know the difference between waved and stationary.
Fill in everything on your application form, ready for the doctors and ARDS.

Note, you don't get this for free...far from it - costs roughly £90, depending on where in the UK you live.  Don't worry, as long as you can see and walk ok, you should fly through it - certainly no sight of any rubber gloves!! :-)  Make sure you take your completed application form with you and don't leave until the GP has stamped it!

This varies in price, depending on which circuit you choose to visit - I did a half-day at Silverstone.  They offer a full day as well but this is aimed more at people that haven't been on a track before.  Although there was another guy with no track experience who was doing only half a day but maybe more time would help - certainly no need to pay the extra if you have been on a track before.

Few things to consider when selecting a circuit to visit for your ARDS - distance, cost, championship rounds.

Well maybe you save a few quid if you travel up north to a circuit but is it really worth it if you live down south for example?? Basically weigh up the convenience, stress of travelling, time off work and cost of travel to the actual cost of the test.  Quite a bonus if you choose a circuit that you will be racing on in a championship round!

First of all you will be given a briefing/some instruction on racing lines, oversteer, understeer, etc with everybody.  The DVD that you *should* have watched from the Go Racing pack will be played and then straight into the test.  As stated - learn all flags and also the differences between waved and stationary - you cannot get any of these questions have been warned!  The rest of the questions require a bit of common sense so as long as you have a bit of sense you should sail through.

The circuit will provide a car to drive for the practical test - Silverstone provided a Lotus Exige.  You are not being tested on how fast you can go - make sure you listen to your instructor and act upon any advice given.  If not sure about anything, just ask - they are there to help you pass...believe it or not.  The instructor will take you out for a few laps to show you the lines, braking, apex points and then you will swap over for a few non-tested laps.  Take this time to learn and take it easy - not only do you not know the track, you also probably don't know the car!  You'll stop for a chat and the instructor will tell you what you need to work on and what to be careful of.  Then you'll go out again for the tested session - remember, you are not trying to break the land speed record - you are there to pass...just pass! :-)

Hopefully you will be told you have successfully passed and you can head back to find out if you passed your theory and be handed a stamped license application form! At that point, run, don't look back and get it posted on recorded delivery! :-)

Best of luck!!!

Any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch...